WiFi Hotspot Management System

Simple yet effective management system for coin-operated WiFi hotspot machines.

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About AdoPiSoft

AdoPiSoft (formerly AdoPisoWiFi) is the leading management software for coin-operated WiFi hotspot machines in the Philippines. Designed to be easy to use even for non-technical individuals with room for advanced settings and configuration.

Manage your bandwidth, users and rates anytime, anywhere with our remote management tool. Be part of our huge and helpful community and post your questions, suggestions and ideas to improve the system.

Latest News & Announcements

April 12 at 6:55 AM

Good Day,

We are now accepting payments through Palawan/Cebuana/LBC etc. to make payment easier for people who are away from city.

Please email us for the instructions.


February 12 at 8:27 AM

Good Day Everyone,

We have already hired a new staff and is currently in training stage. For the applicants, salamat sa inyong interest. We'll contact you soon if we need more staff.


January 31 at 5:36 PM

Beloved Customers,

Next release of the software will be postponed as I'm preparing for my home network lab (servers, virtual machines, access points) for testing/benchmarking mass network connections to the application (adopisoft software) and to ensure the quality of the software on next release.

Don't be confused if the remote management is not working sometimes since it's still in BETA state. It will also be improved together with the next release of the software.

While waiting for my equipments for the time being, I'm taking a break from coding to relieve stress and have a fresh ideas once my home lab is finished. I'm expecting to finish the homelab setup by the end of Febuary 2019. Work on next software release will resume once my home lab is ready.

Please read/search through the forums if you have issues with your machine or email support@adopisoft.com if you think your query hasn't been answered yet in the forums.

We are also hiring staff for our technical support team. Role will be to answer forums/fb/email inqueries only. It is a homebased position job. Please email support@adopisoft.com with subject "Technical Support Application" with attached CV/Resume if you are interested.



Some highlights of our software features

  • Remote Online Management

    You can monitor your sales, users and control other aspects of the machine remotely via internet anytime, anywhere.

  • Paperless

    The coin acceptor is fully integrated into the system. Unlike traditional wifi hotspot system that uses vouchers, our system uses credits directly generated by the time a coin is inserted into the coinslot.

    Traditional wifi hotspot systems uses vouchers to authenticate users into the system. Using our new system, you will never have problems associated with voucher-based systems:

    • Account and password generation
    • Thermal paper maintenance
    • Paper jams

  • Bandwidth limiter (per user)

    The system has a built-in bandwidth limiter per user. It ensures that each user will get equal bandwidth allocation and internet speed. This prevents users from abusing your internet connection.

    The default bandwidth allocation per user is 1mbps upload and download. It can be modified in the admin panel.

  • Anti-lag

    Our system has a built-in anti-lag system optimized for competitive mobile games and applications. It ensures that packets for the said applications will be prioritized in the network traffic.

  • Rebrandable

    The system is fully configurable. You can also customize the appearance of the webportal according to your branding.

  • Expandable WiFi Signal

    The system is compatible with any access point wifi extenders. Compatible access points can reach from 50 meters to as far as 200 meters wifi signal range.

  • Content Filtering

    You can allow or block porn/adult and other malicious sites.

  • Adjustable Timer

    The coin-acceptor is fully configurable. It can support multiple kinds of coins. You can set how many minutes will be credited for each kind of coin. Users also have the option to pause time which will disconnect them from internet momentarily. This option can be enabled or disabled in the admin panel.

  • Class B IP Subnetting

    The machine can give out approximately 4000 ip address each day with /20 netmask.

  • Voucher Support

    You can also print vouchers for costumers how want weekly or monthly internet access so they don't have to insert a lot of coins into the coinslot. Just hand them a voucher code that they can input into the system.

  • Payment history

    The system has a built-in accounting system which summarizes your income.

  • Supported Languages

    English & Spanish

How It Works?

Learn how easy it is for customers to use the system in these simple steps.

Connect to wifi network

Turn on your device's wifi and select the SSID of your wifi network. See photo below:

Open browser and click insert coin button

A webpage will open automatically (or can be opened in browser by visiting Then click the INSERT COIN button. See image below:

Insert coin into the coinslot

Your phone will be beeping to signal insert coin. Now, drop coins into the coinslot.

The equivalent time will be displayed in the web page. You are now connected to the internet until the timer reaches zero.

Is it worth to start wifi hotspot business?

Our average WiFi hotspot owners earns Php500.00 to Php1,000.00 and more daily. While initial investment is only around Php15,000.00 - Php20,000.00. Maintenance of the machine is very easy and can be done by yourself since we have a vast amount of easy to follow tutorials and an active and supportive community composed of novice to advanced users of the system. Plus we try our best to promptly answer your questions in the forum and via email (support@adopisoft.com).

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