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Version 4

Older Version:

Direct link - (compatible with RPI v4)

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The file contains a .img (Raspbian image) file which can be flashed into a micro SD card for raspberry pi 3.

Booting from USB Mass Storage

NOTE: This is only for RPI 3. RPI 3+ already boots from USB out of the box.
To boot from USB, install first the image to sd card and boot your RPI. After successful boot from SD card, install the image again this time to your USB flash drive. Remove the SD card from RPI and insert the USB flash drive. Finally, boot your RPI with only your USB flash drive.

Change Logs

Version 3 software change logs
Version 4 software change logs

Installatin Guide

For version 4, please refer to our wiki page.

For older version, please follow our installation guide.

Trial Period

The software has a trial period of 10 days and maximum of 2 connected users at a time . After the trial period, the software will ask for activation code. You can pay for the activation code using the payment methods described above. When you purchase from the website, the activation code will be sent to you via email and will also be printed on the screen after purchasing.