Our Story

It started with a crazy idea, and is now being used by thousands of people nationwide and in other countries.

Bigger Team, Quality Development and Topnotch Support

Driven by the value of continuous improvement and innovation, Adones Bejoc Pitogo formed a bigger team - both in house and outsource talents.

As an IT company, AdoPiSoft is now stronger in every department - Development, Marketing, UI/UX, Quality Assurance, Ecommerce and Production.

Since the start of 2021, more updates and more features for our Wifi Hotspot System have been released. Hardware components and kits are also available in our ecommerce stores for machine builders.

We’ve also released our Offline E-loading System and Machines (for Philippines only) which is first in the market.

And we’re not done yet, our story continues...

More Features and A More Stable System

Adones Bejoc Pitogo, along with Arnel Lenteria (the developer of Fox E-loading System) developed more features for AdoPiSoft with the customers in mind.

The system also became more stable version after version. And many customers remain loyal to the product and believe in its potential.

AdoPiSoft also onboarded a Technical Support (a wifi vending machine builder himself) to make sure every customer issues are resolved.

AdoPiSoft Remains at the Top Amidst Competition

While the popularity and demand of wifi vending machines are growing, other software from different brands are also showing up.

AdoPiSoft System has a very solid core or foundation. It means adding more features to the system is easy. He listened to his partner builders and developed more features to make sure that customer requirements are met.

Dafox Tech (an e-loading system), a subsidiary of AdoPiSoft was also developed and being integrated to Wifi Vending Machines. Customers were thrilled and loving the 2 in 1 “Wifi Hotspot” and “E-Loading” vending machines.

Thousands of Wifi Vending Machines Are Built Using AdoPiSoft Software

People started noticing wifi vending machines and its popularity was growing - the demand is high. A single person can’t supply that, AdoPiSoft Software was made available for Machine Builders and Tech Enthusiasts.

Thousands of wifi vending machines were built and sold. It created a business opportunity for both machine builders and machine owners. As for wifi vending machine customers, it helped them have access to a good Internet Connection with ease and convenience.

As more people are using AdoPiSoft, Adones Bejoc Pitogo continued improving the system and made sure it’s as robust as it can be, and scalable enough for Advanced Network Setup.

AdoPiSoft Hotspot System Was Developed

It started with the frustration of how hard it is to connect to the internet. Mobile data is slow and neighbors’ WiFi are all “Password Protected” of course.

Adones Bejoc Pitogo, a Software Engineer and innovator, came up with an idea.

What if there’s a way to encourage people to share their internet connection? And yes there is, by getting paid for the data shared.

And guess what happens next. He worked on that idea and made it happen.

There were no Wifi Hotspot Machines (like what we have now) back then.

He released the first version of AdoPiSoft Wifi Hotspot System (AdoPisoWifi formerly). And it turned out he’s right, people actually need wifi vending machines.

The Founders

We’re a team of passionate individuals who love to do what we do best. And we treat each other like a family.

Adones Bejoc Pitogo


Innovator, entrepreneur and software engineer. His innovations are created out of passion and the desire to create great products that’ll bring a positive impact to people.

He treats Programming as a hobby - and he plays day and night, all week!

A natural visionary and forward thinker. Loves to put ideas into action who won’t just stop until it’s done and working.

Arnel Lenteria


Exceptional Software Engineer, a technology enthusiast and a consistent doer. He works, smart or hard, and gets stuff done.

A problem solver and is always curious as if he sees everything as a puzzle.

He has a commendable focus and intensity from start to finish when working on something great.

Dange Cris Lenteria

CO-FOUNDER | Marketing Director

Excellent communicator, a charismatic leader and has a great eye for the creative process.

She bridges the gap between a great product and potential customers. She makes sure customers understand the product and why they need it.

Looks things from a different perspective, challenges herself every time and doesn’t settle for less.

Company Culture

We work pretty hard but we sure have a life.
It's fun, crazy and amazing!


We change the "lazy monday" mindset into something crazy. Crazy busy,crazy focused and a crazy start of a great week!


We appreciate great ideas and respect the "not so great". Fridays are also the time we discuss our lapses, correct our mistakes and refocus.


We spend our weekends bonding with our family. Or if not, you’d see us in the mountains - hiking, camping and chilling.



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