Buy License Key

The license key(s) will be sent to your email and will also be shown in the screen after purchasing.


  • Activate 1 wifi vendo machine
  • Unlimitted WiFi Users
  • Unlimitted Wireless Payment Portals
  • Online Remote Access
  • Free software updates

Trial Period

The software has a trial period of 10 days and maximum of 2 connected users at a time . After the trial period, the software will ask for activation code. You can pay for the activation code using the payment methods described above. When you purchase from the website, the activation code will be sent to you via email and will also be printed on the screen after purchasing.

License Agreement

License key is lifetime and does not expire. Once activated, the software will not ask again for activation key even if you reinstall the software image to sd card. You are also elligible for new software updates and gain access to new features along the way. In case some of your components failed, you can reactivate the license by revoking the license in the AdoPiSoft Remote Management. Prices of our online services may change without prior notice.