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Simple yet effective management system for coin-operated WiFi hotspot machines.

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About AdoPiSoft

AdoPiSoft (formerly AdoPisoWiFi) is the leading management software for coin-operated WiFi hotspot machines in the Philippines. Designed to be easy to use even for non-technical individuals with room for advanced settings and configuration.

Manage your bandwidth, users and rates anytime, anywhere with our remote management tool. Be part of our huge and helpful community and post your questions, suggestions and ideas to improve the system.

Latest News & Announcements

August 25 at 3:56 AM

Good day!

Ado Firmware for Newifi is now available!
(Good for starters)

AdoNewifi Firmware (flash using breed web)
Download link

Ado USB Extroot (flash to your flash drive using etcher)
Download link

Currently supports wireless coinslot using NodeMCU
Read the documentation

Initial boot may take time, please be patient.

Please don't hesitate to report bugs you may encounter. Para ma fix asap, much better ma pm nyo po.

Thank you!

February 26 at 6:16 PM

Good Day,

The new version of our hotspot management system has finally reached its beta stage. Beta version is not yet recommended for production use. It is for your personal setup if you want to test the latest features of our software. We will release the production version once it becomes stable. Though it took us some time, we are still very thankful to you, our valued customers, for your patience and continued support despite all the competitors emerging in the market.

Our first product, the earlier version of our software, was some sort of a prototype to discover what our customers really need. There was no initial design and architecture in developing the previous version of our software. After adding so many random features requested by our users, it became hard for us to further enhance and maintain the previous version of our wifi hotspot management system due to unorganized source codes.

After engaging with our customers for quite some time, we now have a clear idea of what our market is, what our customers need and what might be the future of our product. We decided it was time to redesign the software from the ground up to be able to add more features in the future with more ease. Software quality is also drastically improved by adding automated tests to our development process. Though automated tests add overhead to our development time, it helps to determine point of failures and help minimize software bugs as we add more features along the way.

With these changes, we are hoping for a more pleasant experience for our customers and end users.

Now, let's talk about what our new product offers.

Hardware Support

Our software now supports a variety of systems which includes the following:
- Raspberry Pi 3 & 4
- Any Orange Pi board
- Any x64 systems and virtual machines
- Any ARM-based board


The networking capability has been improved significantly over the previous version. You can now have multiple LAN and V-LAN interfaces. Enabling the built-in wifi of RPI while having a USB to LAN at the same time is now possible. Each LAN/V-LAN interface can be configured individually.

For each LAN interface, you have the following options:

  • Enable/Disable captive portal
  • Add walled-garden base on website http address and/or base on TCP/IP ports.
  • Enable/Disable DHCP server
  • Custom IP addressing scheme
  • Configure Static/Dynamic IP Address
  • Limit download/upload bandwidth
  • Allow only specific hosts/mac to connect to internet
  • Allow/Block malicious sites

WiFi Hotspot Sessions

Wifi connectivity is now based on sessions. For every transaction or payment, a session is generated for the user based on the amount paid and the chosen session type.

There are 3 main types of sessions in our system available in captive portal:

  1. Time Session - This is the traditional session with remaining time in seconds. But unlike before, each transaction has separate time. They are not combined with the previous session. The session becomes invalid once the user has consumed the allocated time.

  2. Data Session - This session is based on data consumption of the user. The session becomes invalid once the user consumes the allocated data in megabytes (MB).

  3. Time or Data Session - Whichever is consumed first, time or data. The session will become invalid once either of time or data is consumed by the user.

The other type of session is Subscription. Subscription session does not have allocated time or data. Instead, it will only track the data consumption of the device and how long the session has been running. Subscription sessions can only be generated manually in the dashboard for the intended device. It can be used to allow only specific hosts to connect outside the network - e.g. smart TV’s, CCTV/IP Cameras, etc. aside from walled-garden based on TCP/IP port numbers.

The user can have multiple sessions, including the subscription session. Once the previous session is consumed, it will automatically activate the next available session. If the user has no more sessions available, the user is automatically disconnected from the internet.
Each session is editable and has the following options:
- Download/Upload Bandwidth Limit
- Allow/Disable Pause
- Expiration Date/Time
- Change Session Type (options: time, data, time or data, subscription)
- Add/Subtract remaining time or data
- Delete session

The default bandwidth of a session is taken from captive portal bandwidth settings.
The default session expiration is taken from session settings in the admin dashboard. The expiration date/time can be disabled.

Payment Portals

You can add multiple wired coinslots and bill acceptor using gpio pins or serial connection with arduino. Likewise, you can connect multiple wireless coinslots and bill acceptor using ESP8266 modules. Each payment portal can be used simultaneously. Meaning, multiple customers can pay at a given time.


A voucher is equivalent to an unused session. You can define attributes like bandwidth limit, session type, data and time allocation, allow pause and expiration date just like a session with an additional attribute - maximum number of users.

A voucher can have multiple users and can be defined when generating vouchers. Users will share the bandwidth limit allocation of the voucher. Using a voucher with multiple users, it is possible for a whole household to share a single voucher and have them pay for subscription to your internet service. No additional hardware/repeater configuration is required.
Once a voucher is activated, a session is generated for the device(s). For voucher with multiple users, the first devices to use the voucher will be assigned to the session generated by the voucher.

Traffic Graph

It is now possible to monitor the real time traffic of each wifi user in the network.


We are glad to inform everyone that we are finally releasing the e-loading feature of AdoPiSoft (partnered with Fox E-Loading System). The team has come-up on the idea to make our first release of e-loading feature a separate entity (built via keypad) to keep our wifi set-up and process as is. Thus, avoiding the possibility of confusion on the customer’s perspective.

Automated Notifications

An automated message will be sent to the trusted phone number once your machine is running out of load, or if there are network announcements.
1 Load Wallet for Multiple Machines

This feature enables you to have multiple e-loading machines with only 1 centralize load wallet.
To activate this feature, you just need to set a 1/the same trusted phone number on each machine.

The following providers are supported:
- Globe
- Smart
- Sun
- Touch Mobile
- Cherry Prepaid
- Cignal
- Sky Cable
- Game Pins
- Meralco Prepaid

For now, only command-line installation method is available. We are still in the process of creating readily installable images for each type of board.

You can follow the command-line installation at http://wiki.adopisoft.com/doku.php?id=4.0.0-beta.1:index#command-line

April 12 at 6:55 AM

Good Day,

We are now accepting payments through Palawan/Cebuana/LBC etc. to make payment easier for people who are away from city.

Please email us for the instructions.



Some highlights of our software features

  • Remote Online Management

    You can monitor your sales, users and control other aspects of the machine remotely via internet anytime, anywhere.

  • Paperless

    The coin acceptor is fully integrated into the system. Unlike traditional wifi hotspot system that uses vouchers, our system uses credits directly generated by the time a coin is inserted into the coinslot.

    Traditional wifi hotspot systems uses vouchers to authenticate users into the system. Using our new system, you will never have problems associated with voucher-based systems:

    • Account and password generation
    • Thermal paper maintenance
    • Paper jams

  • Bandwidth limiter (per user)

    The system has a built-in bandwidth limiter per user. It ensures that each user will get equal bandwidth allocation and internet speed. This prevents users from abusing your internet connection.

    The default bandwidth allocation per user is 1mbps upload and download. It can be modified in the admin panel.

  • Anti-lag

    Our system has a built-in anti-lag system optimized for competitive mobile games and applications. It ensures that packets for the said applications will be prioritized in the network traffic.

  • Rebrandable

    The system is fully configurable. You can also customize the appearance of the webportal according to your branding.

  • Expandable WiFi Signal

    The system is compatible with any access point wifi extenders. Compatible access points can reach from 50 meters to as far as 200 meters wifi signal range.

  • Content Filtering

    You can allow or block porn/adult and other malicious sites.

  • Adjustable Timer

    The coin-acceptor is fully configurable. It can support multiple kinds of coins. You can set how many minutes will be credited for each kind of coin. Users also have the option to pause time which will disconnect them from internet momentarily. This option can be enabled or disabled in the admin panel.

  • Class B IP Subnetting

    The machine can give out approximately 4000 ip address each day with /20 netmask.

  • Voucher Support

    You can also print vouchers for costumers how want weekly or monthly internet access so they don't have to insert a lot of coins into the coinslot. Just hand them a voucher code that they can input into the system.

  • Payment history

    The system has a built-in accounting system which summarizes your income.

  • Supported Languages

    English & Spanish

How It Works?

Learn how easy it is for customers to use the system in these simple steps.

Connect to wifi network

Turn on your device's wifi and select the SSID of your wifi network. See photo below:

Open browser and click insert coin button

A webpage will open automatically (or can be opened in browser by visiting Then click the INSERT COIN button. See image below:

Insert coin into the coinslot

Your phone will be beeping to signal insert coin. Now, drop coins into the coinslot.

The equivalent time will be displayed in the web page. You are now connected to the internet until the timer reaches zero.

Is it worth to start wifi hotspot business?

Our average WiFi hotspot owners earns Php500.00 to Php1,000.00 and more daily. While initial investment is only around Php15,000.00 - Php20,000.00. Maintenance of the machine is very easy and can be done by yourself since we have a vast amount of easy to follow tutorials and an active and supportive community composed of novice to advanced users of the system. Plus we try our best to promptly answer your questions in the forum and via email ([email protected]).

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