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***Johnny Author***

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***Image caption, description***

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`var name = "John Doe";`

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function foo() {
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1. item 1
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New Hardware Support: Android TV Boxes

Cheap alternative for running your wifi hotspot machine with prices ranging from PHp 600+ but not more than Php 1,000.

by Adones Pitogo

Our system has ben tested to work on the following TV box chipsets/CPU:

  • rk3228a
  • rk3228b
  • rk3229


The system is configured with VLAN 22 in WAN interface by default. The built-in wifi may work on rk3228a chipsets, but may NOT WORK on rk3299 chipsets base on our experience. So you must connect to the VLAN 22 in WAN interface if the wifi SSID does not appear after installation.

Also, you can always access the admin interface of the machine using the WAN ip address.

Hardware Requirements

  • Tv box with supported chipset/cpu - rk3229 / rk3228a / rk3228b
  • LAN cable with internet
  • HDMI monitor connected to your TV box
  • SD memory card at least 16GB
  • Memory card reader
  • USB keyboard
  • VLAN switch or AP configured to connect to VLAN ID 22

Download and flash software image to SD card

First download the AdoPiSoft Multitool Image. Make sure to UNZIP the image after downloading.

Next, download Balena Etcher and use it to flash the multitool image to SD card.

Install the image to TV box

After flashing the multitool to SD card, insert it to your TV box. Then insert the peripherals to the TV box:

  • SD memory card
  • LAN cable
  • HDMI cable
  • and USB keyboard


Alt Text

Alt Text

After everything is connected, insert now the the power cable to the tv box to power it on. Wait for the multitool screen to appear and follow the instructions below.

Alt Text

Select EXIT (press enter).

Alt Text

Select Ok again (enter).

Alt Text

Select the Install Arbian via steP-nand. If you don't have this option, it means your TV box doesn't have a nand storage. In this case just select Burn image to flash.

Alt Text

Just select Ok (enter).

Alt Text

Select Ok (enter).

Alt Text

Select OK (enter).

Alt Text

A progress bar will appear indicating that the image is being flashed into the internal storage of TV box. Just wait for the process to finish (it may take a few minutes).

Alt Text

After success flash, just select OK (enter).

Alt Text

Select Shutdown and press Enter.

After the TV box is powered down, remove the SD card. Then reinsert the power adapter to power on the TV box again. Wait for at least 15 seconds for the system to boot. It may take a while for the system to boot from internal storage and the screen will appear as blank (no display).

After the system has booted up, you can now go ahead and configure the wifi hotspot system normally.

Connect your computer/laptop to the VLAN 22 port of your switch. Open your browser and go to

Version 5 Beta Release

Additional hardware support including OPi Zero, OPi One Plus, NanoPi R2S and ASUS Tinkerboard.

by Adones Pitogo

How to Revoke AdoPiSoft License for Version 4

by Eric Junard Dabon