Markdown Cheat Sheet

# Headline 1
## Headline 2
### Headline 3

~~strike through~~

[link text](

> Quote text
***Johnny Author***

![image alt text](image url)
***Image caption, description***

Horizontal rule

Inline Code
`var name = "John Doe";`

Code block with syntax highlighting
``` codelanguage
function foo() {
  return bar;

Bulleted list
- item 1
- item 2
- item 3

Numbered list
1. item 1
2. item 2
3. item 3

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Installing PostgreSQL

Installing PostgreSQL for better performance and data integrity in our wifi hotspot machines

by Adones Pitogo

Step 1: Install Postgre SQL

sudo apt update
sudo apt install postgresql postgresql-contrib

Step 2: Configuring Database

sudo -u postgres psql

Let's set our password:

postgres=# \password
Enter new password: 
Enter it again: 
postgres=# \q

Let's create our database:

sudo -u postgres createdb adopisoft

Then reload and enable postgres service:

sudo service postgresql reload && \
  sudo systemctl enable postgresql.service

Step 3: Configure Your Machine

Login to your admin dashboard and go to System > Security and enter the database connection details:

Alt Text

After everything saving your new database settings, reboot your machine.

New Hardware Support: Android TV Boxes

Cheap alternative for running your wifi hotspot machine with prices ranging from PHp 600+ but not more than Php 1,000.

by Adones Pitogo

Version 5 Beta Release

Additional hardware support including OPi Zero, OPi One Plus, NanoPi R2S and ASUS Tinkerboard.

by Adones Pitogo