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[link text](

> Quote text
***Johnny Author***

![image alt text](image url)
***Image caption, description***

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`var name = "John Doe";`

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``` codelanguage
function foo() {
  return bar;

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- item 1
- item 2
- item 3

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1. item 1
2. item 2
3. item 3

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How To Extend WiFi Range using Ubiquit Access Point / CPE Antenna

Step by step guide on how to install CPE Antenna / Access Point to AdoPisoWiFi wifi vending machine.

by Adones Pitogo

Required Materials

We only need two additional peripherals:

  1. USB Gigabit Ethernet Adapter

Alt Text

  1. Ubiquit Nanostation Loco M2

Alt Text

Configure the Nanostation Loco M2

First, we need to configure the external access point so it can communicate to our machine by setting up the nanostation loco m2 to be an accesspoint in bridge mode.

Power on the nanostation by connecting it to the PoE adapter. Then connect the LAN cable to your modem.

Alt Text

Open your computer and open the run command utility by pressing Windows key + r. Then type ncpa.cpl.

Alt Text

Right click on the Ethernet icon (or wifi icon if you are connected to wifi) and select Properties.

Alt Text

Select Internet Protocol Version 4 and click Properties button below.

Alt Text

Inter a static IP and netmask of

Alt Text

Then click OK and close the properties dialog.

Open Google Chrome or any browser and go to

** There will be a warning about SSL certificate. Just click on Advanced and click proceed. **

Then login to nanostation web interface using username: ubnt and password ubnt. The username and password are the same.

Alt Text

Disable/uncheck aiarMAX. Then click change.

Alt Text

Go to WIRELESS tab and make sure to set the Wireless Mode to Access Point. Then click Change.

Alt Text

Next, go to NETWORK tab and set Network Mode to Bridge then click Change.

Alt Text

Lastly, click Apply to save all the changes.

Alt Text

Enable External Accesspoint

  • Insert the USB ethernet adapter to raspberry pi.
  • Connect the LAN cable to the USB ethernet adapter (previously connected to the modem).

Alt Text

Turn on the raspberry pi and go to admin interface. Then navigate to WiFi Settings. Tick the Show Advanced Options checkbox.

Under the Antenna Type, select External Access Point. Click Save.

Alt Text

Lastly, go to Device Management and reboot the machine.

If the process is successful, you can now connect to the machine from your new access point antenna.

Alt Text

Updated Diagram - with coinslot disabler using SET pin

Using Coinslot's SET pin(TOP only) to enable/disable accepting coins

Setting Up Serial Coinslot Sensor using Arduino

Using Arduino as coin acceptor sensor

by Adones Pitogo